Short Game

Whether it's a chip shot, pitch or bunker shot, learn the fundamentals and develop the skills needed to save strokes!

Long Game

From fairway woods to the dreaded long irons, start to make these clubs your allies and not your foe. Learn the proper set up and swing differences from shorter clubs.


This is a category all by itself. Learn how to read greens, control distance and make the crucial 4 footer! Eliminate 3 putts and make birdies!

Speed and Power

Learn how to maximize your distance with the big dog! Understanding the body's power sources and where speed is generated are keys to out-driving your buddies. Who doesn't want more distance, I know I do!

Course Management 

Learn the proper strategy needed to shoot lower scores. What to tee off with on certain holes, where to aim and when to lay up vs going for it. The easiest way to shoot lower scores is to simply play smarter golf.

Trouble Shots

Under a tree? Behind a bush? In that dang fairway bunker? No problem, learn how to escape nearly every situation and when to simply pitch out back to the fairway.